Lena Vista’s group number is 999978174


To order online the Yankee Fundraising app will needed to be downloaded – it is both easy and free, I have already done it myself.  As staff you may purchase items this way yourself!

  • Search for Yankee Fundraising
  • Download the app
  • You will have to then register using Lena Vista’s group number which is 999978174
    • This number can also be looked up by search for Lena Vista as well
  • The registration process will continue with an email address and password
  • Once registered the app will walk you through sending a message to your FB, email, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest contacts about the fundraiser.  You can choose to send or skip these messages.


The online selection is much more extensive than the catalog and has clearance items as well.  Items ordered online will be sent directly to the buyer.  Sales tax and shipping may apply.


Information about online and catalog ordering is in the information being sent home Friday.  Sales tax will need to be added to the items being ordered from the catalog and there is a chart attached to the information with detailed information on how to do this.  Please let me know if you have questions.