General Info

School Mission

The mission of Lena Vista Elementary School is to provide students a positive, rigorous learning experience to become productive citizens within our community.

School Vision

Every Lena Vista Student will be prepared academically and socially for success in middle school.

School History

Lena Vista Elementary is a federally funded Title One school located at 925 Berkley Road in Auburndale, Florida, on beautifully landscaped property.  Built in 1956, Lena Vista has provided excellence in education for more than half a century.  We are very fortunate to have wonderful volunteers and business partners who help enhance each child’s learning opportunities.

School Technology

Lena Vista Elementary is infused with technology.  The majority of our classrooms are equipped with Lightspeed Surround Sound systems and six to ten computers each. Additionally, fifth grade has the opportunity to work with one to one iPads in each of their classrooms.  We have SMART Boards and LCD projectors in every classroom Kindergarten-Fifth.  Also available to each teacher for checkout are digital cameras, document cameras, and other technology equipment.  Teachers are consistently promoting the use of technology in guided lessons and in small group settings both in the classroom using one of our two Computer Labs.  Lena Vista’s technology coaches provide professional development throughout the school year to staff members on new software programs and digital devices to further integrate technology into the classroom.

Additional School Information

Polk County Schools Code of Conduct

Lena Vista Elementary School adheres to the Polk County Schools Code of Conduct.  Each child receives a copy of the current Code of Conduct Handbook during the first week of school.  Parents are requested to sign the forms and return them to school as soon as possible.

Positive Behavior Support

Lena Vista Elementary is proud to participate in the research-based Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program.  PBS rewards students for making positive choices.  During the school year, the PBS committee hosts activities such as a 1980’s Dance, Wacky Day, Out of Uniform Days, Camouflage Day, Sports Day and a Carnival! Good behavior equals great times at Lena Vista Elementary!



Teacher of the Year & School Related Employee of the Year



Congratulations to Mrs. McCarty for being named the 2021-22 Lena Vista Elementary Teacher of the Year!

We are so proud of you!  Our school is a better place, and our children are better citizens because of your influence.








Congratulations Ms. Jacobo on being named LVE’s 2021-2022 School Related Employee of the Year. 

Thank you for all that you do! The school certainly runs more smoothly because of you.